Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Inspirational Wednesday

I don’t know if it’s the carnival that is coming, but I’ve been so into masks photos. And I don’t even care that some of them remind me of horror movies. Haha. Here’s a selection of what I found creatively good these days...

(I am not an autor of these photos, click on every picture and you will see the original flickr content).


  1. nice whimsy mood here!
    (number 4 is my beloved Venice <3)

  2. Yes, it is. :)
    My fiance is about to get his italian citizenship, probably will have to stay a couple weeks in Italy, I’ll try to go with him, and maybe we can finally visit Venice. It’s in my list for quite sometime. (your post really inspired me)

  3. if i had to name one place (only one) that everyone should see in this life, i'd say Venice. so much beauty.
    (more post about Venice are coming. by the time i finish you'll get the plane ticket ahahahah)
    congratulazioni per la cittadinanza :)

  4. i love bunny masks :D

    (sonho com um carnaval em Veneza há anos)

  5. Grazzie!
    I must work on my italian, though, haha. But since I’ll have to be married for at least 3 years before earn the rights, I think I have plenty of time :)))

  6. 2, Sara! Tanto as bunny masks quanto o carnaval em Veneza! :))

  7. second one is creepy:-P
    Remind me of those very old halloween pictures of kids:D

  8. Haha, it is very creep. I think that’s exactly what I love about it ;P