About me

My name is Thais Cavalcanti, I'm a 30-something photographer based in Sao Paulo. I’m specialized in weddings, family portraits, traveling and photojournalism

I love tennis and Roger Federer (and sometimes I think they are the same). 
I love to travel and my dream is to travel the world, piece by piece. My favorite place in the world is Paris, and my goal is to get back there as soon as possible, maybe for a longer stay this time. 
I’m always listening to music, if not out loud, then on a headphone, or maybe, if isn’t playing anywhere, I’m probably singing in my head. 
I also love to read. Have read a lot of books so far and plan on keep doing that as long as my eyes can see. 
Movies are another passion of mine. Quentin Tarantino is my master, alongside Woody Allen, Roman Polanski and Tim Burton. I cry watching movies I’ve seen a million times, and laugh every time I see any episode of Friends, even though I know all of them backwards. 
If some how I get trapped in time, I hope it will be on a gorgeous autumn day. 
I have three tattoos: one peony, one cat and The Beatles. And plan on doing more. 
I think I’ll have made it in life the day I portrait Eddie Vedder, Roger Federer and Ewan McGregor. In no particular order. 
My father died when I was 9, my mom is still alive and I’m fortunate enough to have the best brother in the world, who is not only my best friend but also the father of the 2 most amazing girls in the world. I love them and if I could choose my family, I would chose all of them every time. 
I have no fashion skills whatsoever and probably am wearing polka dots or stripes or both, at the same time.

I shoot both analog and digital and truly believe you can love both in equal proportions. Half of me is 135 and the other half is cmos.

If you wanna say hello, email me at: thaiscavalcanti.photo@gmail.com. I'd love to hear from you! You can reach me in english, french or portuguese.

this lovely drawing of me was made by my best friend in the whole world, Gabi Andrade.

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