Sunday, February 1, 2015


Point Lobos, CA - Portra 160

February is here. In a few (very few) days, I’ll be 33. And I:

- Still don’t have a clue about what to do with my life;
- Still pretty much hate this brazilian weather;
- Still underestimate my work;
- Still chose the most mentally weak players to root for;
- Still don’t feel safe in my own skin;
- Still can’t coordinate colors;
- Still dress like a crazy homeless person;
- Still listen to Etta James out loud on “those days”;
- Still feel safe when I’m in his arms;
- Still am broke;
- Still am glad january is over.

Last week I lost a really good friend. It was a stupid death. He had a giant headache from an insolation and people in the hospital gave him a medicine which he was allergic to. It was very, very sad. He was a couple months younger than me and had a beautiful 2yo daughter. 

RIP, my dear friend


  1. i am sorry for your loss, thais!
    we must try to live up to our expectations, while we can.

  2. I am truly sorry to hear about your friend, Thais. It's such a terrible thing to lose someone so dear and so young.

  3. So terribly sorry for your loss, what a horrendous mistake on the hospital's part!

  4. It is really terrible. I feel like he had yet so much to give to the world... :(

  5. exactly. on the way back from the funeral I started to think how we can not leave things undone. because sometimes tomorrow never comes... (or, as ringo would say: tomorrow never knows...)

  6. It really was a terrible mistake. We still don’t know how this happened...

  7. oh i am so sorry to hear about such a loss! :(

  8. thank you, Pratiksha. It was really awful to see someone who was so full of life... dead. very, very sad :(