Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Californication II

I was thinking about posting the crazy bike adventure, but I decided to let you have a little bit of the touristy San Francisco.

Next post I’ll show you a little about Frisco, Sausalito and Tiburon. I biked for 9 hours. It’s hard to realize you’re tired when there’s so much beautiful things to see! But, believe me, I felt everything the day after. I’m not 20 anymore, you know. :)

From cable cars to the crooked street, to Alcatraz seen from the pier to the ups and downs of this magic city. A sneak peak.

Quick thought: I realized in this trip I need a smaller camera. I want a Leica for so long, but still don’t think it is my time to get yet (if you know what I mean $$$), I researched a bit and thought about a Bessa R3A, any of you have, had or used one before? Would you recommend?


  1. 9 hours! I'm exhausted after just 3 :P

  2. Me too, Evelyn! I have no idea how I managed to bike this much. The only possible reason is that San Francisco is a magical place and make you do the unthinkable! :)