Monday, December 22, 2014

California III

During that week we spent at San Francisco, we decided to take the wine tour through Napa and Sonoma. It was a really beautiful sunny day (I already shared one photo in this post). The wines there are soooo good. I end up buying a Chardonnay at the Sonoma Winery we visited (where the portrait from the other post was taken), I believe it’s called Richolson Nicholson Ranch or something. If you ever go there, buy their Chardonnay. It was the best I’ve ever tasted and I regret had bought only one.

And the food there is also amazing, we had lunch somewhere around Napa at a place called “Pacific Blue”. I ordered the Veggie Burger, and it was from out of this world! Seriously. 

The other thing I forgot to mention before: when in California, try to get your films developed at Richard Photo Lab. Their work is amazing, really (if the picture didn’t come out as I expect I’m the only one to blame, haha), and I don’t need to say that. From their giant client list you must know that. It was fun to know the place and the people working there. It is in LA, at North La Brea Av, 979 . and they have parking which is a plus considering you're in LA. I didn’t developed all my films in there, because they got lost in my luggage and when I find there wasn’t enough time, so if you’re organized and smart, try to develop all of them. You won’t be sorry. 

Entrance of one of the Wineries we visited.

I tell him all the time: if our kids don’t have his eyes, I will divorce him immediately! (it’s a joke, of course!)

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a wedding here? 

Nikon F100
35mm f1.4G
Velvia 100 (exp 2009)


  1. The light in these looks amazing! I'm used to see the saturated tones more often, so I'm surprised that Velvia could produce such blindingly beautiful tone :)

  2. I love Velvia and its crazy tones! :)
    Too sad Fuji have discontinued it...