Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Inspirational Wednesday

Anton Corbijn

If you don’t know his work yet, baby, you have to do it, NOW. He’s one of the best photographers of all time (in my modest opinion) and probably the reason why I decided to photograph. His work change the way we (or at least I) see photography in the music business. He started as a music photographer, being friends with the guys and then his talent introduce to new bands and then other bands, then he started to work for a lot of fashion magazines (because he was doing something totally new) and sort of mixed it all. The music shots were more fashion, and his fashion shots were totallly rock’n’roll. And, since he never settles, now he’s in Hollywood! I loved all of the films he directed and can’t wait for “Life” to be released (about the photographer who is assigned to shoot James Dean).

I have a bunch of favorite photos here, but the ones I really, really like are all of the Nirvana photos (I think nobody portrayed the band as good as he did) and the Metallica shots from 95 to 01, specially the Reload booklet photos. They are probably my all time favorite (unfortunately I didn’t find any throughout the web, and don’t have a scanner here to prove my point).

There’s an excellent documentary about his work called “Inside Out”. Sometimes it is on Youtube, sometimes they remove it. You can find it here, but I don’t know until when. Run. :) It is half english half dutch, but comprehensible. 

There’s also a film he did for Leica, with photography tips, which I find adorable! 

Hope you like it!