Tuesday, January 6, 2015

California IV - Yosemite

I love mountains. Always did, since a little girl. So you can imagine how happy I was to visit Yosemite National Park for the fist time. The park was all autumn-yellow, like a painting. Cold (there were snow in a few higher points), but not too cold. For me, it was the perfect weather.

The bad thing was that, since it was autumn, and Califa is on a drought period, the biggest waterfall was almost dry, and so was the Mirror Lake. But other than that, it was a lovely time I spent there. When I think about Yosemite, a smile just show up in my face.

A (not so) fun fact: I almost didn’t shoot on film there. My fiancé took my digital and shot almost everything with it, I grabbed the camera whenever I saw something TRULY interesting. And since I was on vacation and didn’t wanna miss the moment, I kind of kept everything inside my head. It doesn’t sound like me, I’m always shooting everything and everybody, but I needed the rest. For the eyes, the mind and the body. Not mentioning the soul.

The half dome. My second favorite (the firt one was El Captain, which, funny enough, I don’t have on film)

Nikon F100
35mm f1.4G
Kodak Portra 160


  1. Fantastic! What an incredibly beautiful place! ♥

  2. it truly is! I wanna get back there in other seasons, to see how different it can be through spring, summer and winter too. :)

  3. how can someone not love the autumn with all those yellow it offers? :)

  4. I love them both, I love the feeling of the film and love how easy it is to manipulate the digital. My fiancé prefers the digital because he doesn’t know much about photography, so it’s easy for him to shoot and se what he’s done. So he was the photographer there, I only shot a couple times, with film (those ones) and once or twice when he asked for my help. Now that I’m back, I wish I could have shot more, but when I was there, I wanted nothing between my eyes and all that beauty. Does that make sense? Haha.

  5. That makes total sense, that's actually how I am with fireworks. I won't lie, I think these man-made sparks are real pretty and I would rather enjoy them with my own eyes than through the viewfinder. :)

  6. Esse lugar é lindo demais! E alguns lugares estavam TÃO amarelinhos. Coisa mais linda.

  7. So beautiful... I'm glad you did take some pictures :D

  8. oh these fall colours!
    i love all your california photos!