Thursday, August 27, 2015

My girls

I haven't been around lately, have I? Same ol'excuses. More work, less time, etc. I have been shooting a lot of film BUT the thing is I don't always develop. I'm looking at a pile of films waiting to be develop.

See, one thing I found out about myself: I love so much more the process than the result. I use to have this urge to see the pictures. Now I have this feeling they're there. No need to hurry. After I shoot I feel so calm, as if I kept that moment from running away. I wish I develop more, so I could update this space a little more than once in a blue moon. Haha.

If you want to hear more frequently from me, you can follow me on Tumblr and instagram too. It's easier for me.  I update them a lot more than here.

Well, so that being said, here's a few images I did with my nieces. Aren't they gorgeous? I love this girls so much.

The thing is every time they come to my house I try to photograph them, but there's always something: the weather isn't good, the light sucks, the park is crowded, the clothes aren't photographable (believe me, I heard that). So this time I said to myself: no excuses. We went on for a walk in our street (actually my street, because they don't live with me, but you get the point), and in five minutes I had these lovely images. And then, a fit of laughter. Sisters being sisters. A huge moment I want them to remind forever. How much they had fun. This time in life is so precious. You blink and suddenly you're 30 with two jobs and a lot of bills to pay and speaking to your siblings via facebook all the time. So I'm glad that moment, that afternoon, that connection will be remembered forever.


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