Friday, May 15, 2015


One of these days I was walking around the neighborhood and, in my way back home, I, as per usual, decided to buy a bag of sweet popcorn with fried cheese on top. This is something I love since I was a kid (which happened a long time ago). I can't explain how good this is. The salty cheese and the sweet flavor of the popcorn is beyond amazing. I feel like they have a party in my mouth. I tried almost every popcorn cart in the city (there's a lot where I live) and this is the best, I guarantee you! And, for my luck, it is 10 minutes walk from my house. Yay!!!

Do you have any treats you love and search the entire town for the very best?
(aside from coffee, which I know 99% of you are as crazy about it as I am. Maybe I'll show you my favorite sometime).

Nikon F100
35mm f1.4G
Kodak Gold 100, exp

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