Monday, April 20, 2015

My Alice

It has been quite a while, huh?

When 2015 started, I wanted to make this think seriously. But then life happened, and I couldn't even keep up with all the blogs in my reader! But this is a breath of hope. I don't wanna leave this space abandoned, because it is something I do for fun. And we have to have fun eventually, right?!

So, I'm gonna leave you with a few shots I did of my goddaughter in January. Just a few minutes in the park, talking, laughing and clicking. I wanted everyday to be like that. =]

Nikon F100
Portra 160 (exp may 2014)


  1. 'everyday like this' <3

    tua afilhada vai amar tanto estas fotos quando crescer!

  2. <3 every minute spent with my nieces is priceless.

  3. Hoje ela já vê as fotos que eu fiz qdo ela era bebê e já se diverte, imagino daqui a uns anos ela moça vendo a vida em perspectiva. Penso fazer um album pra elas, mais pra frente, com esse tanto de fotos que eu tenho aqui. :)