Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine’s day

We are together for more than 15 years now... an it still amazes me how much of a great person he actually is.

Clarion Alley - Frisco || Velvia 100 (exp)

Happy Valentine’s day for the one who pick me up every time I fall, brings me back to reality me when I dream too much for too long (and I tend to do that a lot), truly believes in me (sometimes more than I do), makes me feel the happiest woman on earth with just one look and is the best partner ever. For a movie night in bed or an amazing adventure in Yosemite... just being with him makes everything better.

3 of my favorite people in this video of one of my favorite songs ♡


  1. Oh God, this made me so teary-eyed :') Thank you for sharing, Thais! I wish there's a DVD of this that I could find for my Dad.

  2. que bom :)

    meu dia de Sao Valentim foi muiiiito estranho mas bom.uma historia para conta ;)

  3. total schön, dass du so lange mit jemandem zusammen bist . never ending lovestory :)
    best, maria

  4. i am glad you have such a loving person in your life! ♥♥♥

  5. My friend gave me this DVD, but he recorded from the internet. I’ll try to find it here and let you know. :)

  6. What a lovely post, dear Thais. ♥

    Happy late valentine's day :)

  7. ❤︎ Happy Valentine’s day, Amélia! :)

  8. <3<3<3
    p.s. I am listening to the song right now.