Friday, January 2, 2015

Alcatraz in Colors - Chapter 2

Back to the Alcatraz in colors. I already told you I didn’t like the development and the colors of this particular film, right? But the only ones I did like were those from Alcatraz because, in a strange way, these tones remind me of the Clint Eastwood movie “Escape from Alcatraz”. Don’t you think they do? I’m not crazy, am I? Haha. Do you get what I’m saying?

Did I mention I miss San Francisco? California didn’t catch my heart they way Paris did, but it still one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever visit. From up north in San Francisco to down, really down south in San Diego (I almost passed the Mexican border), California is the kind of trip everybody has to do at least once in their lives. There are tons of pictures yet to share with you, hope you’re not bored.

Nikon F100
Portra 160


  1. These photos are so cool, like the colours- very unique!

    Katrina Sophia

  2. Achei que a ultima foto ficou parecendo redscale, vc não acha? :)

  3. I think, somehow, Portra works better inside then outside. I just wish I could have realized that before using it in Point Lobos (one of the next posts).

  4. i love how the colours turn out in the first 2 pictures.

  5. I thought they would come out blur, because the light was very low, but they came out ok, I guess. :)