Wednesday, December 31, 2014

15 things

Mushrooms in a trail in Point Lobos, CA. One of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen.

There we are. 15 resolutions for 2015.

(Believe me, I could come up with 112, but I though it would be prettier like that, 15 things to do in 15)

1:: Get more exercises;
I thing this is in everybody lists, right? While I was traveling I felt my body complaining all the time. It was a very physical trip. Lots of trails and bike rides. I’m not 20 anymore, but sometimes my body feels like 80. Got to change that. 

2:: Eat healthier;
I eat well, don’t get me wrong. My weakness is chocolate. Always has. 

3:: Travel more;
2014 was a slow year in terms of traveling. It only got good in the end, with California calling. But the rest of the year was really all working. Maybe that something to balance more.

4:: Learn (decent) french;
I’ve had french lessons for 2 years, in 2010 and 2011. I learn to comunicate, and I still understand so much better than I speak. 

5:: Get more organized;
This item is on my list since I remember making lists. But I truly believe 2015 will be the year I’ll be organized. 

6:: Blog more;
I’ll try to be more present here. And to be less critical with my photos. And to feel less guilty when I post something that doesn’t feel like the next best thing.

7:: Photograph more for fun;
2014 I rarely photographed for fun. Work consumed me. This blog was, in a way, a means to that. So I think, technically, 6 and 7 are the same. haha.

8:: Volunteer;
I use to do that a lot through college. And it felt so good. Don’t know why I stop doing. 

9:: Read at least 2 books per month;
I tried to do 1 book a month in 2014 and failed! Haha, even though, I’ll try to do it better. 

10:: Get back on the tennis court and learn to serve;
I love watching tennis, you all know that. I use to play a bit, just for fun, but until this very day I can’t serve, can you believe it? 

11:: Save money;
The thing is: I can’t deal with money. I always spend more than I earn, I make loans, I miss deadlines and I regret nothing

12:: Worry a little bit more on what I wear;
I’m not so much of a fashion person. I would leave the house in my pajamas, if it was socially ok. 

13:: Buy less make up (or wear more the ones I already have);
I buy tons of makes, but usually just wear mascara and concealer. 

14:: Watch more movies;
Just because is something I love, it makes me happy and I wanna be a happier person. :)

15:: Last, but not least: STOP PROCRASTINATING.
No explanation needed. 

And you?

And, of course, Happy 2015 for y’all! May this be the best year of our lives so far.


  1. Great goals! Eat healthier is on my list too. Love chocolates too, damn! Happy New Year and hope this year is wonderful for you!!

    Katrina Sophia

  2. :)
    Mas ainda é dia 5 e eu já estou procrastinando. Shame on me.

  3. Thank you! Happy new year to you too, Katrina!

  4. except for 8 10 and 13 i want to do everything this year but i haven't started on anything yet :p