Monday, December 29, 2014

Things I like lately

I love this tag in other blogs so much that I decided to do something similar around here.

Things I like:

- Being engaged! After 15 years together. I thought it wouldn’t be much different, but I must say I enjoy saying to people “let me check with my fiancé first” even when I don’t need to check with him first. It feels good.
- Spend the 23rd anniversary of my father’s death walking around with my goddaughter. I had to leave a few films at the lab and she made me company. I walked by my grandma old house, where I spent the whole “day” crying, 23 years ago. The house belongs to someone else now, and it’s all different. And to walk by that sad place, with a new life, knowing some how his blood still runs through her veins also made me think of how big this all is. He is alive with me in so many ways.
- Listening to the new Foo Fighters album. Good music from the guys I have loved since forever always cheers me on. I’ve always been a huge Nirvana fan, even before Kurt die, and have been following Foo Fighters since the very beginning. And when “follow” was more than a button on a Twitter/Facebook page. It meant buying records, going to concerts, buy pirate (which at that point meant live shows recorded underhand), buying magazines, and all that. And Dave have never failed on me.
- That the tennis season is about to begin! Finally my days (and nights) will be filled with the little yellow ball and much tension. Hope 2015 will be Roger’s year again!
- The book I got from my sisters-in-law. I love french cooking, love to cook, and the book is so well done. Beautiful pictures (pictures capture me more than the recipes, I must confess), cute drawings and very nice approach.
- That I’m writing again! It’s not gonna be a best seller, I warn you, but I like to write, haven’t done in a while but one day I woke up and felt like doing it.

Things I don’t like

- My neighbors have a rooster and it crows everyday from 1am until noon. It’s impossible to have a decent sleep.
- The heat is unbearable. Last night it was 39C at 10pm. THIRTY NINE DEGREES. At TEN PM. I wonder how I’m going to survive until the end of the summer.
- The feeling post-amazing-trip: when everything seems so boring. I have to learn how to get back at reality.

From the archives: Boris Becker, a little out of focus, but very charming either way. 


  1. Beautiful image and words, Thais!
    I'm sorry to hear about the rooster, though, and about the unbearable heat!

  2. I have loved getting to know you better through your words, Thais! Also, Boris Becker is adoraaaaable. ♥

  3. Thank you Polly! The heat will get better eventually, not so sure about the rooster. But I’ll live! :)

  4. Thank you Katie! :)
    He is, isn’t he? ♡

  5. Boris está lindo <3 os galos aqui só começam a cantar depois das seis da manha!
    é bom perceber que temos uma 'continuação' nos mais pequenos da família :)
    queria os teus 39 graus ahahah
    escrever é bom, me salva todos os dias da demencia absoluta.

  6. Os galos “normais” começam a cantar depois das 6, o galo do meu vizinho é meio desregulado mesmo.
    E eu queria os teus 7 graus, como fazemos? Hehe.
    Escrever é ótimo, indeed! :)