Friday, November 28, 2014

Californication I

I’m back. It feels like ages since the last time I posted... Did you miss me? I certainly miss you...

This trip was honestly the best thing I did for myself ever. California is really something else. The only part of America I knew was New York (which I love), but Califa is totally different. There’s beach, there’s mountain, there’s forest, there’s snow. And you can do all of that in one day. How can you not fall in love with this place? I’ll post in parts, of course. There’s a lot of photos and I don’t want you to get bored!

From the beginning: the first place I visited was San Francisco (and now I wanna live there so badly...). Frisco is amazing (I’m running out of words to describe all those places, I’m sorry!). The first day we just walked around, because we were tired from the flight. I’ll show you a little about the first real place we visit: Alcatraz. It is very tourist, but so nice. If there’s one thing americans are good at is to preserve history (and make money out of it). I thought since it was a place with so much heavy history, it would seem softer if I used some bw. So I took all of the photos with my beloved trix.  What do you think?

Nikon F100
35mm f1.4G
Trix 400


  1. i am looking forward to all your California photos!
    i think b/w do justice to old and historical places. ♥

  2. These are so good! I was in San Francisco for one whole week and we didn't go to Alcatraz, can you believe it? We were young and adamant about being not touristy so there you go. :) I would LOVE to live in SF.. maybe we could make plans together. :D

  3. :)
    I’ll try to post some more this week. I’m so in love with California. It is so different from all other places I visited in America before!

  4. The one thing that “motivated” me to visit Alcatraz was that all the people who actually live in SF told me I could not miss this (and they said also that I should avoid Pier 39, so as you can see, they know what they’re saying, haha). Everybody said it was tourist, but a “must see” in town.
    I think we should make plans! SF is waiting for us, I’m sure of that! haha

  5. 7 years since I visited San Francisco, and your pictures are bringing back fond memories <3