Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Ghost Rider

My boyfriend loves Rush. I didn't, until I start to read this book. I mean, I always liked them. They seem pretty good people, they are very empathetic, but their music didn't cheer me on. Now I'm so addicted that I can't go through a day without listen to at least one of their songs. Free will and Faithless are my favorites at the moment.

Nikon F100 - Fuji x-tra 400


  1. I haven't managed to get into rush even though I own several of their tapes (yes, cassette tapes - I'm kind of antiquated like that). Perhaps I need to read that book.

    1. The thing is I always liked them as individuals, haha. They seem so nice, but when they started to play I just couldn't get into. Although there were a few songs I liked (like YYZ), I just didn't like it. Reading the book somehow I just started to sing their songs in my head (my boyfriend always plays their music on our road trips, haha). The book is great, but also kinda sad. He wrote this book when he lost both his daughter and wife and went to this journey through canada and america (including alasca). That's why he named "travels on the healing road".

      I still have cassete tapes too (although I don't have where to play) and several vinyl records in the house. And we shoot film. I mean, we're clearly old souls. :)